Social policy research and consultancy

Aros Policy Research is a consultancy firm based in Aarhus Denmark. We specialise in social policy research and technical advice – in Denmark as well as in low- and middle income countries across Africa and Asia.

Based at the Centre for Social Innovation (Center for Social Nytænkning, CFSN), we have access to a broad range of expertise in areas ranging from social protection/social security transfers, social work, case management and homelessness to behavioral economics.

We have extensive experience carrying out research and project development in low- and middle income countries.

Research and project development

We have extensive experience planning, coordinating and carrying out research and development projects in the area of social policy.

We provide support across the project cycle, including:

    • Contributing to in-depth understanding of context through qualitative and quantitative research and analysis.
    • Facilitating inclusive project design processes and supporting proposal development and planning processes.
    • Providing technical advise in the implementation phase, in areas such as social accountability and inclusion of people with disabilities.
    • Designing and implementing project evaluations and reviews.



Social Policy

We have experience in a broad range of topics related to social policy, in particular in the area of social protection transfers in low- and middle income countries.

Mapping and analysis of coverage of national social protection systems using a lifecycle approach: While access to social protection has increased in many countries in recent years, most low- and middle income still has large gaps in coverage. We are experienced in carrying out comprehensive mapping and analysis of social protection systems, using a life cycle approach.

Social protection for people with disabilities in low- and middle income countries: People with disabilities need income support to cover the cost associated with living with a disability. We are experienced in analysing access to social protection for people with disabilities.

Social accountability in social protection: Social accountability initiatives aim to strengthen accountability, through the involvement of citizens in programme monitoring. We are experienced in analysis of the intersection between governance and social protection and carrying out research on accountability relations.

Social protection in humanitarian contexts: Refugee situations are becoming more protracted, making it necessary to consider how refugees can access national social protection systems, and how humanitarian and development interventions can complement each other. We are experienced at carrying out research in refugee contexts.

Country experience

We have experience carrying out research or developing projects in a wide range of countries across Africa and Asia, including:

In Africa:
      • Ghana
      • Sierra Leone
      • Kenya
      • Uganda
      • Ethiopia
      • Mauritius
In Asia:
    • India
    • Bangladesh
    • Sri Lanka
    • Myanmar
    • Laos
    • Cambodia
    • Indonesia
    • East Timor